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Achieving work-life balance requires productivity on the go. It's the difference between finishing up a relaxing meal on a pleasant note vs. an abrupt end in a "I have to run to work" rushed goodbyes. By allowing you to perform tasks that commonly create bottlenecks anywhere solely with email, Legal Tools relieves you of pressure and buys you time while dependent workstreams can continue to make progress.

Design Philosophy

Legal Tools has been designed by an experienced attorney to provide maximum functionality to perform common tasks on the go. In integrating the app's features with the current workflow, we designed them around email because for better or worse, it is what keeps us connected to work at all times, and it is what we are comfortable with. So there's no new app to install or monitor, no new interface to learn and no new password to remember. If you know how to forward emails, you already know how to use this app.

Redline Comparison

Simply attach two Microsoft Word DOC/DOCX documents to an email and send! The first attachment will be deemed the "original" document, and the second attachment will be deemed the "modified" document, and the redline will be in your inbox in a few minutes! You also have the ability to get "changed pages" only.

PDF Creation and Manipulation

Forward one or more Microsoft Word DOC, DOCX or other supported documents and it will reply back with high fidelity searchable PDF file(s). If you need multiple documents converted, please attach multiple documents and you will receive an email with multiple attachments. You can also insert, delete and replace pages from one PDF to another. Please check out the PDF FAQ.

Definitions Check

This module quickly identifies defined-terms-related busts in a complex legal document by highlighting confirmed terms and potentially problematic terms in intuitive colors: Green means OK, Red means Likely Error and Yellow means Caution! Either forward one DOC/DOCX document, or send two documents when the second document uses defined terms from the first document (e.g. collateral agreement uses defined terms from a loan agreement). Please check out the Definitions Check FAQ.

Renaming Attachment File

Has anyone ever told you that their pet peeve is an email attachment with a file name that does not purport to describe the attached file? Surely you must have received an attachment with a name like "8365829A" or some other non-descript name where you find out its content only by opening it. Stop the chain of annoyance! This module allows you to change the name of the attachment by replacing the name of the file with what you put into the subject line.

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